Pall Envirochek HV Sampling Capsules

Pall Life Sciences Envirochek HV Sampling Capsules are a field-friendly, disposable option for surface water parasite testing or other applications. They consist of a polycarbonate housing containing a polyester hydrophilic membrane. The capsule is completely self contained; the filter element does not need to be handled or cut apart, preventing cross-contamination.

The capsule method results in a smaller pellet after elution, requiring less analysis time and cost. Recovery of target organisms is typically greater than 70%, and the 1.0 µm pore size helps to eliminate false negatives.

Capsules are 100% integrity tested and serialized for traceability.

Key Features

  • For retention of Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Meets requirements for U.S. EPA Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2)
  • Simple to use – no assembly or cleaning of filter holders required

Specifications for Pall Envirochek® HV Sampling Capsules
Filter Material Type: Polyester
Pore Size: 1.0 µm
Effective Filtration Area: 1300 cm2
Minimum Elution Capacity: 127 mL
Inlet/outlet Connections: 1⁄2"
Dimensions (LxDia.) 8 ½" x 2 2/5"

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