Water & Wastewater Testing Capsules

Polyseed Water & Wastewater Testing Capsules contain a broad spectrum of specialized bacteria blended specifically to be used as a uniform seed population for wastewater testing, as specified in the "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater." The easy-to-use capsules provide consistent, reliable results. Choose from two formulations:

Polyseed® EF2869A provides a uniform standard for the degradation of both industrial and municipal waste for biochemical oxygen demand testing.

Polyseed®-NX EF2869B contains a chemical additive for the inhibition of ammonia nitrogen in a wastewater sample. It is suitable for carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (C.B.O.D.) testing. No other inhibitor is required.

 Each bottle contains 50 capsules and has a shelf life of one year.

Key Features

  • EPA-accepted B.O.D. seed inoculum for wastewater testing
  • Choose standard formulation or NX formulation with ammonia nitrogen inhibition
  • 1-year shelf life 

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