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You've been struggling with long and unreliable lead times when you try to buy Rainin-branded LTS pipette tips. And of course there's the astronomical cost.

These PurePoint LTS pipette tips for your Rainin® LTS pipettor are your solution to all that.

They're the same quality at a fraction of the cost. And there's no shortage of them. You get them when you need.

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PurePoint technology solves common pipetting errors when paired with Rainin® LTS pipettes

Forceful insertion and ejection to secure seal

Ever get frustrated inserting or ejecting your pipette tips? PurePoint LTS tips eliminate the most common difficulties with inserting and ejecting tips, lowering the chances your pipette will be the source of an error.

Residual sample contaminating tests

You can probably remember a time in the last 2 weeks when your results were affected by sample variations even after careful preparation. As life sciences evolve, assays are more sensitive, costs for samples are increasing and the need for tighter CVs is more prevalent. The retentive qualities of your tips matters.

All PurePoint LTS pipette tips have low retention, ensuring your sample is delivered, not stuck in the tip.

Annoying droplets on the end of your pipette

Hanging droplets on the distal end of the your tip consume extra time and effort, and exacerbate your repetitive strain injury. Blade technology built into your PurePoint LTS pipette tip is engineered to help eliminate chances of droplet formation.

Your delivery is clean and precise every time.

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Technology that makes your days easier with a Rainin® LTS pipette in your hand

The pipette tip can be a source of risk in your work, although most of the time we don’t think about it that way.

You can now get the most powerful and ergonomic pipette tip on the market at a more economical price than Rainin® branded tips.

PurePoint pipette tips from Daigger Scientific give you greater confidence in your pipetting through error-reducing technologies.

1. Guaranteed fit technology
You get a secure seal with low insertion and ejection forces between the PurePoint pipette tip and Rainin® LTS pipette.

PurePoint LTS pipette tips use alternating thick and thin regions along the circumference of the proximal end of the tip. When the nozzle of your Rainin® LTS pipette is pressed into the PurePoint pipette tip, the shape of the proximal end adjusts. The thicker regions maintain structure while the thinner regions allow for flex, resulting in a secure seal with minimal insertion force.

2. Ultra-low sample retention
You get more mileage from your valuable samples and reduced risk of cross contamination.

Sample retention or non-specific binding of sample to pipette tips is a known problem especially with genomic DNA and proteins. Valuable sample can be left in the tip and out of the analysis. PurePoint low retention minimizes sample loss.

All PurePoint LTS pipette tips are made from resin that requires no coating, providing intrinsic low retention or non-stick qualities across all volume ranges.

With many tip providers, low retention is an additional feature that comes at a premium price point. All PurePoint LTS pipette tips are low retention so there is no confusion.

3. You don’t have to deal with droplets
You get to say goodbye to tip-touch-off.

Researchers often need to touch the side of the vessel to ensure maximum sample recovery. With a standard pipette tip, surface tension at the distal end causes theformation of a droplet. These droplets contain valuable sample and loss of sample leads to inaccuracy. The necessary movement to remove the hanging droplet can potentially cause ergonomic stress and compromise reproducibility.

PurePoint technology features an optimal ratio of the distal end’s hole diameter to wall thickness that minimizes the surface area, reducing the surface tension of your sample and the resulting droplet. In other words, no more tip touch-off as you use your Rainin® LTS pipette!

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Don’t be the only one missing out on PurePoint value

We’ve tested PurePoint LTS tips with scientists across the country for the last year. Here’s what they have to say.

“Pipette tips arent usually something to get excited about ... that is until I used the new PurePoint tip. After a cross-comparison between other tips - I found PurePoint to be highly effective, precise, and accurate. Amazingly low retention compared to other leading tips. Fearing sounding like an informercial - I should just say that these tips are pretty awesome and leave it at that.”

- Josh K. Lab Tech.

“This product is very affordable and easy to handle. Very low to no retention. It comes in sterile packs so you are good to go with your work when you need it.”

- Michelle D. PI.

“We evaluated the PurePoint for Rainin® (20ul and 250ul). They are easier to put on the pipette, eject more smoothly, and retain less liquid than Rainin® brand tips.”

- Jason D. Senior Lab Tech.

“We love the PurePoint pipette tips. They fit the pipettes great dispense all the liquid, and eject easily. They also cost less and work better than a lot of other brands my team have tried."

- Abdulrahman Y. Lab Manager.

“The PurePoint tips are good. What I’m happiest about though is the fact that I can get them on a predictable schedule. The ETA on my first order was accurate and I’m placing a second this week.”

- Dalia A. Lab Manager.

There’s no risk. The samples are free. Your regular brand of tips are on a shipping container in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Or you’re paying an arm and a leg for them, and you know the price is way too high but you haven’t found a suitable alternative.

This is your alternative.

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Ease the pain of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs)

For lab technicians, the repetitive nature of standard laboratory techniques, especially pipetting, makes the risk of RSIs quite real.

Manual pipetting for more than 300 hours per year increases the risk of hand and shoulder injuries.

A full-time laboratory technicians who pipettes just 3 hours per day will far exceed those hours.

Many RSIs among lab technicians can be traced to the choice of pipettor and the forces required for insertion and ejection of pipette tips.

The substantial cost of RSIs

Beyond the impact to physical well-being, RSIs can mean an average loss of 19 workdays from skilled employees and associated worker’s compensation costs. Depending on the severity of the injury, the financial impact can be upwards of $100,000 per employee (shocking, we know).

The cost difference between a standard manual pipettor and an electronic pipettor specialized for ergonomics can be several hundreds of dollars.

Additionally, the specialized pipettors are generally only compatible with their own specially designed pipette tips sold at a premium.

Replacing a large set of pipettors, paired with new specialized pipette tips, can exceed the budget of a typical research laboratory.

But if you reduce the greatest pipetting expense - the tips - you can eliminate the risk of those costly RSIs and stay within your budget.

Get your free sample rack today and see the difference it makes to your staff and your budget.

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“Great quality for a great price. They are my lab's new favorite tips to use since they are most consistent and my new favorite to buy because of the price. Also, the packaging is very convenient in storing and grabbing new boxes.”

Helen T. Senior Lab Tech.

“We love the PurePoint pipette tips. They fit the pipettes great dispense all the liquid, and eject easily. They also cost less and work better than a lot of other brands my team have tried."

Philbert P. Lab Tech.

“I will say it is easy to use and produces comparable results and there is enough support from the team. This product is not only good, but it comes at a price point I wouldn’t expect for the remarkable quality.”

Sunil M, Lab Section Manager

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Get all the benefits your colleagues enjoy…

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