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Yamato RE202-A / REV202M-A Rotary Evaporators

If you’re in process development, method development, or doing basic R&D, most rotovaps on the market aren’t actually built for you.

If your job is testing new recipes, why use an instrument that’s built to follow a recipe?

Yamato rotary evaporators are built specifically for process development, with a wider range of rotation speeds than any other rotovap on the market (at 5 to 315 rpms).

That’s about 15% more range than any other rotary evaporator.

And it’s the only one that lets you work out the best method for your new process without limitations.

Plus, depending on your model, Yamato’s are priced 10-20% better than comparable models from the other names you know.

Key Features

  • Built for R&D with the industry’s widest range of rotation speed (5 - 315 rpms)
  • Small footprint for R&D labs where space is limited
  • Can be left or right oriented based on user preference or space requirements
  • Precision controls outperform competing models and allow industry-leading operator freedom
  • Engineered with cost-control for your lab in mind, and priced 10-20% better than competing models
  • Quiet. It adds a peaceful ambiance to your lab

Specifications for Yamato RE202-A / REV202M-A Rotary Evaporators
(Glassware A)
(Glassware B)
(Glassware A)
(Glassware B)
Vacuum Controller No Yes
Operating ambient
temp. range
Speed range 5~315 rpm
Evaporation capacity Up to 23 ml/min (water)
RPM display Digital display / Encoder dial setting
Rotation mode Forward/Reverse/Auto reverse
Spring-loaded jack Manual balance (Max. height 200 mm, stepless regulation, one-touch lock)
Vacuum controller --- VR102S, installed above jack handle with attachment bracket
Vacuum control
solenoid valve
--- OVR10, installed in the rear of stand base
Rotary motor DC brushless (simple servo)
Condenser retention --- Condenser bracket --- Condenser bracket
Safety Functions
Rotary evaporator DC motor: Motor overload protection, overvoltage, low voltage, rotation speed sensor error
AC adapter: Short circuit in internal circuit, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
Vacuum controller --- Communication error, Pressure sensor error, Memory error,
Leak error, High pressure error, Auto leak at error occurrence
Cooling condenser Double corrugated tube (cooling surface: 0.143 m²)
Suction port: GL-14
(lower), Φ10 nozzle (upper), Φ10 nozzle (lower), Φ10 nozzle (upper), Φ10 nozzle
Cooling port: GL14 (two places in lower part), two φ10 nozzles
Compatible evaporation flask 0-2000ml for TS24. Use optional reducer to attach small flasks.
Compatible receiving flask 100-2000 ml
External W x D x H 719 × 324 × 534 529 × 324 × 745 719 × 324 × 534 529 × 324 × 745
Overall W x D x H 744 × 365 × 534 554 × 365 × 745 744 × 365 × 534 554 × 365 × 745
Power rating 100-115V, 1A with plug
Weight ~10.0 kg (main unit only) ~10.5 kg (main unit only)
Included Accessories
Main Unit AC adapter (1), power cable (1), bath guide (1), rear cover (1),
single-sided tape fastener roll (1), double-sided tape fastener roll (1)
Glass set Cooling condenser (type A/B)(1), rotary joint (1), evaporation flask (1), receiving flask (1), ball joint clamp (1),
flask clip (1), vacuum seal (1), condenser insulation kit (1), condenser bracket (1) (for type B), hex wrench (1) (for type B)
Item Product Description Glassware Configuration Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Includes BM302-A water bath (115V) Vertical Each
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Includes BO302-A oil bath (115V) and Vacuum Controller Diagonal Each
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Includes BM302-A water bath (115V) with Vacuum Controller Diagonal Each
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Includes BM302-A water bath (115V) Diagonal Each
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Includes BO302-A oil bath (115V) Diagonal Each
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Includes BM302-A water bath (115V) and Vacuum Controller Vertical Each
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Includes BO302-A Oil Bath and Vacuum Controller Vertical Each
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Includes BO302-A oil bath (115V) Vertical Each
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