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Wooden Acid Cabinets

Wooden Acid Cabinets feature all wood construction. There is no metal to eliminate any risk of rust or corrosion due to acidic chemicals. They are constructed of one-inch multi-ply, exterior grade plywood. They are sized for convenient storage of corrosive chemicals on the laboratory bench. They are painted with multiple coats of chemical resistant paint.

The cabinet floor is constructed as a two-inch liquid-tight trough for containment of spills. The cabinet is entirely constructed of one-inch thick multi-ply plywood and finished with a chemical resistant epoxy paint. A polypropyelene lock assembly includes a padlock and two keys for security.

Two sizes are available. The bench top model with a “Corrosive” warning sign on its single door provides safe storage of small quantities of acid on the lab bench. A larger, floor model has an "Acid" warning printed over its two interlocking doors. It also includes polypropylene-lined shelves for increased storage capacity.

Both sizes of cabinets meet all OHSA requirements for secondary containment. If nitric acid is going to be stored, order the slide-in polypropylene nitric acid compartment to semi-isolate spills from other products stored in the cabinet. This is particularly important if acetic acid is present.

Key Features

  • SciMatCo wooden cabinets are all wood construction
  • There is not metal to corrode from acidic chemicals
  • Cabinets feature one-inch multi-ply, exterior-grade plywood
  • Two cabinet sizes are available

Item Product Description Ext. Dimensions Int. HxWxD- in Shipping Weight- Lbs Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Floor Acid Cabinet 29-3/4"H x 28"W x 15-3/4"D 32-1/4 x 30 x 18-1/2 120 Each
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Bench Acid Cabinet 16-3/4H" x 15-3/4W" x 2-1/2D" 19 x 14-3/4 x 13 50 Each
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