Wob-L Piston Pressure Vacuum Pumps

Welch Wob-L Piston Pressure Vacuum Pumps offer piston performance and are ideally suited for vacuum/pressure filtration. They are durable and built for continuous duty producing pressure to 100 psig and vacuum to 27.3 in Hg.

Service life is extended with the use of treated aluminum and stainless steel wetted parts for corrosion resistance. A moisture trap keeps water from accidentally being drawn into the unit. A muffler suppresses running noise.

The motor is thermally protected. Regulators and gauges make it easy to meet your vacuum and pressure requirements. The oil-free system delivers clean air. A carrying handle, suction cup feet, line cord and on/off switch are included.

Key Features

  • Piston performance
  • Quiet diaphragm
  • Durable

Specifications for Wob-L® Piston Pressure/Vacuum Pumps
Catalog No. (115V, 60Hz): EF20812A EF20812B EF20812C
Catalog No. (220V, 50Hz): EF20813A EF20813B
Free Air Capacity: 0.76cfm (36.8L/min) 1.2cfm (34L/min) 1.6cfm (45L/min)
Maximum Vacuum: 25.6". Hg (110 Torr) 26.2". Hg (95 Torr) 27.3" Hg (67 Torr)
Maximum Pressure: 100 psi (continuous) 50 psi (continuous) 100 psi (continuous)
Motor Horse Power 1/8 1/8 1/3
Tubing Connections: 1/4", ID hose barb 1/4", ID hose barb 1/4", ID hose barb
Shpg Weight.: 15 lb 15 lb 18.5 lb
Dimensions: 8 7/8W x 8 1/8D x 10H" 8 7/8W x 8 1/8D x 11H" 8 7/8W x 8 1/8D x 11H"

Item Displacement- L/min Unit of Measure Price Purchase
45 Each
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34 Each
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36.8 Each
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36.8 Each
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34 Each
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