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Wheaton E-Z Decapper

Wheaton E-Z Decapper is recommended for decapping standard laboratory vials. Several sizes of decapper are available. These include those that remove seals 11mm, 13mm, and 20mm wide. The decappers come with visible size labels for easy identification.

User comfort is preserved by an ergonomically designed, cushioned handle. Hand fatigue is reduced by the short handle and redesigned spring assembly.

The decapper can be autoclaved. Autoclaving can reduce the lifespan and appearance of the decapper. They should not be autoclaved at greater than 121°C. Jaws are tapered to provide easy access to vials when using racks.

The Wheaton E-Z Decapper™ comes with a two year warranty.

Key Features

  • Features cushioned handles
  • Includes visible size labels for easy identification
  • Can be autoclaved

Item Removes Seal Size- mm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
11 Each
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13 Each
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20 Each
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