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Wheaton Double Sidearm Suspension Culture Flasks

These Double Sidearm Celstir Suspension Culture Flasks flasks feature an adjustable paddle blade impeller that can be adjusted to promote the appropriate level of turbulence for culture aeration. They are proportioned to provide a headspace ratio of 1:1 or greater, maximizing the surface interface between the culture and the atmosphere in the flask.

Flasks are made from Wheaton 33™ low extractable borosilicate glass that meets ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I standards. Glass impellers are PTFE resin-coated. A dimple in the bottom of the container prevents cell crushing and improves circulation. Each unit includes flask, impeller assembly and silicone rubber lined cap.

Key Features

  • Convenient way to scale up micro-carrier and suspension cell culture lines
  • Adjustable blade impeller for better mixing, increased aeration
  • Can be autoclaved

Item Flask Dia x H Sidearm Size Size- mL Unit of Measure Price Purchase
54 x 155 33-430 125 Each
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110 x 170 45mm 500 Each
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54 x 175 33-430 250 Each
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