Wheaton Clear French Square Bottles

Wheaton Clear French Square Bottles are cleared for a variety of storage applications. They are designed with a square shape. This shape takes up less storage space and allows for efficient shelving. Bottles are made from clear USP Type II soda-lime glass. The clear glass allows the user to easily observe sample levels/condition.

The white polypropylene caps are lined. Liner is made from PTFE resin-faced foam polyethylene. The bottles are shipped with caps attached. This avoids cap loss during shipping/unpacking.

Each bottle comes with a tamper-evident seal. This indicates whether the sealed bottle has been tampered with, preventing accidental misuse. Bottles come with hazardous communication labels. Users can use this for content identification and safety notification.

Key Features

  • Made of clear USP Type III soda-lime glass
  • Come with a white polypropylene screw cap
  • Come with a hazardous communication label

Item Capacity Cap- mm Dia x H Unit of Measure Price Purchase
500mL / 16oz 48-400 68 x 167 mm Case of 24
In Stock
250mL / 8oz 43-400 56 x 137 mm Case of 24
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
125mL / 4oz 33-400 45 x 111 mm Case of 24
In Stock
60mL / 2oz 28-400 39 x 87 mm Case of 48
In Stock

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