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Wheaton Benchtop Roller Apparatuses

These updated Wheaton Benchtop Roller Apparatuses continuously rotate cylindrical bottles at optimum speeds for better distribution of media and uniform gassing. Rollers come in two models: 120 Vac Benchtop Mini Roller and the 120 Vac Benchtop Small roller. Each models comes with four bottle positions or two bottle positions, respectively.

Wheaton Benchtop Roller Apparatus for Mini Bottles are designed for small-scale mixing suitable for 30 mL or larger serum bottles, 100-125 mL media bottles or 38 x 200 mm culture tubes. They are an excellent choice for the growth and observation of various cell cultures such as single chicken or rat embryos. The mini roller apparatus can house 38- to 60-mm in diameter, up to 240 mm long. Ideal bottle speed for this roller is 3 to 45 rpm for 38-mm bottles, and 2 to 30 rpm for 60-mm bottles. The precise, small footprint roller conforms to UL, CSA and CE Standards and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Wheaton Benchtop Roller Apparatus for Small Bottles is a more conventional type roller rack designed to roll vessels 108 to 121 mm in diameter and up to 290 mm long. The two outside rollers can be moved inward to store bottles of 75 mm in diameter at the minimum. Bottle speed is 0.1 to 3.8 rpm for 100-mm bottles. This roller is ideal for use with glass roller bottles. These bottles conform to all UL,CSA, and CE standards and come with a 1-year warranty.

Wheaton Deck Kits, available as accessories below, accommodate both the mini and small rollers and can be attached quickly and easily to house additional bottles. Add up to a maximum of 2 deck kits. Deck Kit 8629A1 is used with Apparatus 8629A and can accommodate an additional four bottles per kit; deck kit 8629B1 can hold an additional 2 bottles per kit.

Key Features

  • Roller Apparatus comes in two sizes: Rollers for Mini Bottles which have four bottle positions and Rollers for Small Bottles which have two bottle positions
  • Wheaton Deck Kits are offered in two models that store either mini or small Benchtop Rollers
  • Mini Roller Apparatus hold bottles 38-60mm in diameter; Small Roller Apparatus holds bottles 75mm in diameter at the minimum
  • Manufacturer guaranteed 1-year warranty

Item Bottle Capacity Bottle Speed- rpm Power- 50/60 Hz Accessory Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2 (small) .1 to 3.8 120 Case of 1
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
4 (mini) 2 to 45 120 Case of 1
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
Deck Kit for Mini Bottles Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock

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