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Well Orienter Pad and Stand

The Diversified Biotech Well Orienter Pad and Stand allow the user to keep track of samples in microplates. Stands are made out of chemical resistant material. They take up a minimum amount of benchtop space. They measure 6"L x 4.50"W x 2.50"H.

Place the Well Orienter under the well plate to see alphanumeric characters identifying each sample. The orienter is made from thin plastic. Users can easily position the orienter under the well. Well orienters are available for 24, 48, and 96 well plates.

The Well Plate Stand allows the user to view the samples and to pipette more easily. Stands are held at a 30% angle. Slipping is prevented by a pad and rubber feet. The pad is made out of neoprene.

The Well Pad encourages accurate record keeping of well samples. 7” x 5” adhesive sheets attach to the back of the plates. Well Pads are available for 96-well plates. Well Pads can be ordered individually or in packages of 24.

Key Features

  • Makes samples easy to reference
  • Plate stand makes pipetting easier
  • Encourages accurate record keeping

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Orienter for 96-well plates Pack of 4
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Well Pad Each
3 In Stock 3 In Stock
Well Plate Stand Each
2 In Stock 2 In Stock

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