WaterPro Polishing Stations

These unique Labconco WaterPro Polishing Stations have a timed dispense feature that shuts off the dispenser automatically once user-set time has elapsed. User-friendly control panel has an LED display with touch-pad control that allow you to select and view actual water quality, temperature, timed dispense, or resistivity. Large-capacity polypropylene bowls have no impurities to contaminate the water; cartridges require infrequent changes.

All stations feature either continuous recirculation or intermittent recirculation where the water circulates through the polishing loop for 4 minutes every 2 hours to minimize bacteria growth and reduce rinse up time. Ultrafilter flush valve allows a small portion of purified water to drain during intermittent recirculation, maintaining ultrafilter efficiency. In-line pressure regulator protects the system from excessive water pressure and ensures inlet water enters the system at optimal pressure.

Choose a polishing station with either a dispensing valve or dispensing gun and valve. Dispensing valve delivers 1.8 liters per minute Type I water when the DISPENSE switch is pressed or by activating TIME DISP. HPLC/UF Hybrid model dispenses the UF water through the dispensing gun at a rate of 1.1 LPM. Handheld dispensing gun gives precise delivery when the trigger is depressed. Tip can be detached and replaced by the optional hollow fiber final filter to remove bacteria at the dispensing point.

General Chemistry Model is ideal for atomic absorption, flame emission spectroscopy, trace metal analysis, buffer solutions, and standard reagent solutions. Requires polishing kit 7350E which contains one carbon and three deionization cartridges.

UF Life Sciences Model features a UV light with dual wavelengths of 185 and 254 nm to ensure low TOC levels and bacteria free water. Ideal for cell culture, clinical, and life science applications.Requires polishing kit 7350E.

HPLC Analytical Instrument and HPLC/UF Hybrid Models feature the same UV light as listed above and a TOC dump valve that allows a small portion of purified water to drain during intermittent recirculation to maintain ultra low TOC levels. Order polishing kit 7350F which contains one carbon, two deionization, and one organic adsorption cartridges.

Stations can be wall-mounted to save valuable counter space or supported on a bench with accessory support stand. Order required polishing kits separately below. Stations with 115 V come with 8-ft, three-wire cord and plug. CE-marked.

Key Features

  • Lowest cost per liter with highest production rate of 1.8 LPM
  • Ultrafilter removes all particles, microorganisms,and pyrogens greater than 0.01 µm in diameter
  • High-capacity DI cartridges produce more reagent grade water between changes than comparable polishing units.

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WaterPro PS/HPLC and PS HPLC/UF Startup Kit Each
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WaterPro PS and PS/UF Startup Kit Each
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