Water Jet Vacuum Pump

Use this hand pump to generate a vacuum for extracting liquids or vapors. It includes a variety of adapters for connection to virtually any water source. Maximum obtainable pressure is 16 Mbar; required incoming water supply pressure should be between 3 and 6 bar. The unit includes an integrated non-return valve for increased safety.

The pump is designed for very low water consumption (typically 190 L/hour at 3.5 bar). The fluid path consists of highly chemical resistant materials, including polypropylene, PTFE, and FKM. Use at temperatures up to 80ºC.

Pump includes water connection (R 3/4"), reducing adapter (R 1/2"), hose nozzle tubing connector, suction line connector, and screw cap.

Key Features:

  • Generates vacuum pressure as high as 16 Mbar using an existing water source
  • Detachable vacuum connection
  • Inert, chemically-resistant fluid path

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Water Jet Vacuum Pump Case
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