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Electronic Water-Jet Aspirator Pumps

Jeio Tech Electronic Water-Jet Aspirator Pumps are ideal for a variety of applications. These include cleaning pipets, spilled liquids, cell cultures, etc. They can also be used for degassing, desiccation, vacuum distillation of volatile solvents, and vacuum filtration. Users can order an optional vacuum gage and regulator. This allows the user to make fine adjustments to the overall vacuum output. 

Thanks to a pump that circulates water internally, the aspirator pump does not require a continuous external water line. Backflow is alleviated by an internal check valve. Changing the water is easy. The pump features a spigot-type drain port and overflow release port. (There’s no need to tip the pump to release the water.)

Two metal aspirators are included with the pump. They have a free air capacity of 18L/min. At only 12 1/2 lb, the unit is very compact. The main wetted part is made of 304 stainless steel, polypropylene, silicone, and nickel-coated brass. Thanks to its construction, the unit is very chemically resistant.

Key Features

  • Includes two built-in, metal aspirators
  • Allows fine adjustment for vacuum output
  • Eliminates backflow

Specifications for Electronic Water-Jet Aspirator Pumps
Maximum Vacuum: Max. 10mm Hg at 5°C
Free-Air Capacity: 18L/min x 2
Wetted Parts: Nickel coated brass, polypropylene, silicone, and SS
Bath Capacity: 9.5 L
Vacuum Port Size: 8mm hose barb
Power Requirements: 110V/60 Hz at 0.7A
Dimensions (W x H x D"): 13 x 16 x 11"
Shipping Weight: 5.7kg

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