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Versatile Illuminator Systems

These Dolan-Jenner Industries Versatile Illuminator Systems may be used in microscopy, quality control or in other applications where cool white light is needed. The fiber optic light system does not transmit heat to the object.

All light guides have stainless steel sheathing that bends into place and stays there. Inside the light guide is a core of wound fiber optic strands that conveys the light to the object. Light guides need lenses at the tips to precisely focus the light onto the object being studied.

Illumination System 15962 comes complete with dual gooseneck light guide (18 inches) which provides 40,000 foot-candles of light at 3 inches, as well as, two focusable lenses, connector and the illuminator (one bulb included). the light source has a knob to adjust the intensity of the light, according to your needs. Lower the intensity to prolong the life of the quartz halogen bulb. Color temperature at full output is 3250 K and the unit has 150 Watts. Internal fan prevents overheating.

Illumination System 15957A delivers intense cool light at an economical price. System consists of a 30Watt illuminator (bulb included), a sling built-in steel gooseneck light guide which delivers 10,000 foot-candles at 3 inches, and a focusing lens for the light guide. Illuminator delivers 3100 K at full output and has a three position intensity control. Units also features a quiet, no-vibration convection cooling design.

Dolan-Jenner has been manufacturing Fiber-Lite fiber optic illumination systems for microscopy since 1962.

Key Features

  • Fiber optic
  • Durable
  • Cool, controlled light

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