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Vacutainer Heparin Tubes

BD Vacutainer Heparin Tubes and Blood Collection Tubes are used for plasma determinations in chemistry. Spray-coated with either lithium heparin or sodium heparin, these blood collections tubes are clinically recognized for their efficacy, ease of use and performance.

Blood collection tubes offered include BD Vacutainer tubes with a conventional stopper and a Vacutainer tube with a Hemogard closure. Both incorporate tube inversions that ensure mixing of anticoagulant (heparin) with blood to prevent clotting. Tubes with a BD Hemogard closure protect lab users biohazards on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube. The rubber stopper of a BD Hemogard closure is recessed inside the plastic shield; the blood sample remains isolated from the user. This shield also protects against blood splattering when opening tube.

BD is the worldwide leader and inventor of evacuated blood collection tubes. These reliable blood collection tubes help reduce the potential for tube breakage and specimen spillage, reducing accidents that expose the user to bloodborne pathogens.

Key Features

  • Vacutainer tubes come in a conventional, green stopper or a Hemogard stopper
  • Tubes offered are both spray coated with sodium heparin
  • No changes in the design or performance of the BD Vacutainer Tubes with Sodium Heparin Additives

Specifications for BD Plasma Tubes
EF2046C EF2046F
Glass or Plastic G P
Tube Size (mm) 16 X 100 13 x 75
Draw Volume (mL) 10 4
Closure Type/Color Conventional/Green BD Hemogard™/Green
Label Type Paper Paper
Additive/Concentration Sodium Heparin 158 USP units Sodium Heparin 75 USP units

Item Draw Volume Size- mm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
10 mL 16 x 100 Case of 1000
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
4 mL 13 x 75 Pack of 100
2 In Stock 2 In Stock

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