UV Protective Faceshield

The UV Protective Faceshield is designed to protect against UV wavelengths. The range of covered wavelengths is 200nm to 450nm. The crown and window are impact resistant. This feature protects against flying particles.

The faceshield is designed to hold its shape and provide maximum coverage. It is 0.80” thick and is 8 x 14”. The UV Protective Faceshield meets ANSI Z87.1-1989 compliance. (The ANSI Z87.1-1989 relates to eye and facial personal protective equipment.

Users can order the faceshield in the following configurations: Basic UV Protective, UV Protective with Anti-fog, and UV Protective with Anti-Fog and Scratch-resistance. The shield is made of clear polycarbonate. It weighs 0.44lbs.

Key Features

  • Protects user from flying particles
  • Provides optimum shape retention
  • Protects against UV wavelengths from 200nm to 405nm

Specifications for UV Protective Faceshield
Weight: 0.44lbs
Thickness: 0.80”
Dimensions: 8 x 14”

Item Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Basic UV Protective Each
3 In Stock 3 In Stock
UV Protective with Anti-fog Each
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
UV Protective with Anti-fog and Scratch-resistance Each
7 In Stock 7 In Stock

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