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UV Blocking Eyewear

UVP UV Blocking Eyewear protects against ultraviolet radiation, while providing optimum contrast in viewing and lessening eye fatigue. The UVC-50 goggles have air vents that are located on each side of the goggles to allow air flow while blocking the ultraviolet radiation. The UVC-303 spectacles are lightweight and fit comfortably on the face, even over prescription glasses. Side arm panels give additional eye protection. The UVC-803 face shield covers the neck and face area. This eyewear is designed for eye protection from lamps emitting wavelengths of 254nm to 365nm (nanometers).

Ultraviolet blocking eyewear also reduces longwave ultraviolet “blue haze” for optimum viewing. For exposure periods other than eight hours or for ultraviolet wavelength emissions other than 254nm to 365nm, consult Document HSM 73-11009 “Criteria for a Recommended Standard ... Occupational Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation published by the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare.”

Key Features

  • Protects against unwanted UV radiation
  • Optimum contrast and lessen eye fatigue
  • Protective eyewear comes in goggles, spectacles and face shields
  • Eyewear also reduces UV “blue haze”

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