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USA E8 Portafuge Centrifuges

LW Scientific USA E8 Portafuge Centrifuges are portable versions of the USA E8 centrifuges designed for spinning on the go. Simply place the 8- place centrifuge into the included car seat, strap the car seat into your vehicle, and insert the power outlet cord into your car's 12V power outlet. These centrifuges are loaded with features such as higher speeds for faster and cleaner separations, quiet operation, and auto-calibrating speed function. The auto-brake stops rotor in less than 20 seconds to save time.

Three types of Portafuge Centrifuges are available:

E8 Fixed Portafuge Centrifuges (EF16225) are used for quick blood separation only with a fixed speed of 3,500rpm and features an auto-off 30-minute timer with bell.

E8 Variable Portafuge Centrifuges (EF16226) are ideal for spinning blood, urine, fecal, semen and other fluids at the correct speeds (up to 3,500rpm) for proper separations and clear results. This centrifuge also features an auto-off 30-minute timer with bell.

E8 Digital Portafuge Centrifuges (EF16227) feature a programmable touch pad with speeds of 500–3,500rpm and timer of 1–99 minutes. The touch pad stores the last four programmed speeds & times.

Each centrifuge includes an 8-place angled rotor that will hold 3–15 mLtubes, and car seat.

Key Features

  • Portable for spinning on the go
  • Speeds up to 3,500rpm (fixed or variable), max RCF of 1,534g
  • Angled rotor, 8-tube capacity
  • Holds 3–15 mL size tubes
  • 12V DC maintenance-free motor
  • Programmable touch pad (Digital Model Only)
Specifications for LW Scientific USA E8  Portafuge Centrifuges
  EF16225 EF16226 EF16227
Speed 3,500 rpm, Fixed 3,500 rpm, Variable 500–3,500, Digital Variable
Capacity 3–15 mL Tubes
Rotors 8-Placed Fixed-Angle
Maximum RCF 1,534g
Timer Auto-off 30-minute with bell Programmable 1–99 mins
Power 110/220V auto-switching power adapter
Motor 12V DC Maintenance-Free Motor

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
USA E8 Fixed Speed Portafuge Each
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USA E8 Variable Speed Portafuge Each
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