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Ultrasonic Processors 500- and 750-Watt

These Daigger Ultrasonic Processors 500- and 750-Watt process samples as small as 250 µL or as large as 19 L/hr using the accessory probes, microtips, and continuous flow cell sold separately below.

All units are programmable and feature automatic tuning, digital watt-meter, energy (joules) monitor, LCD screen with user prompts, real-time alphanumeric display, microprocessor-based timer to control processes from 1 second to 10 hours, variable amplitude control that adjusts cavitation energy, full function pulser to protect temperature sensitive samples while processing at high intensity, overload protection circuit, and remote actuation connector.

Models 2810E and 2810F incorporate a temperature controller and store up to 10 programs for future reference, and an energy controller that automatically terminates ultrasonics when a predetermined energy level has been reached.

Units measure 7 1⁄2W x 8 1⁄2H x 13 1⁄2D" and include converter, tool kit, footswitch jack, 13 mm dia (1⁄2") titanium probe with replaceable tip, and 6 ft cord with plug.

Note: Do not use replaceable tip probes with low surface tension liquids; use solid probe 28182L instead

Key Features

  • Exclusive wattmeter and energy (Joules) monitor
  • Automatic tuning circuitry eliminates the need for constant adjustments
  • Ideal for low and high volume applications

Item Product Description Power VAC- Hz Unit of Measure Price Purchase
High-Tech Processor; 500 Watt 117; 50/60 Each
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High-Tech Processor; 750-Watt 117; 50/60 Each
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