Ultrasonic Processors 130-Watt

These Daigger Ultrasonic Processors 130-Watt are microprocessor controlled and feature automatic tuning to eliminate the need for constant adjustment; a digital wattmeter that shows the amount of power delivered to the probe; an elapsed time indicator that displays how long the ultrasonics has been on; and an energy monitor that displays the amount of Joules transmitted to the probe. Variable power output control allows the ultrasonic vibrations at the probe tip to be set to any desired amplitude. All units include a tool kit, converter, footswitch connector, and 6-ft cord with grounded plug (220 V models include a European plug). Three-year warranty.

Ultrasonic processor models 2810G and 2810GG have a thumb-actuated pulser and variable power output control. Includes a 3 mm (1⁄8") titanium probe and tip.

Ultrasonic processor models 2810H and 2810HH feature a timer that controls the processing time from one second to 10 hours and a pulser to enable safe treatment of temperature sensitive samples at high intensity. Both ON and OFF cycles are independently controllable from 1 second to 59 seconds. Includes a 6 mm (1⁄4") titanium probe. Order other probes for different sample volumes and accessories separately below.

Optional Probes:
Probes with a smaller diameter produce greater intensity of cavitation while the energy released is restricted to a more concentrated volume. Probes with a larger tip diameter produce less intensity but can process larger samples.

Key Features

  • Exclusive wattmeter and energy (Joules) monitor
  • Process samples from 150 µL to 150 mL
  • Ideal for cell disruption, sample preparation, or homogenization
  • Automatic tuning circuitry eliminates the need for constant adjustments

Specifications for Daigger® 130-Watt Ultrasonic Processors
Controller: Microprocessor, choose either pulse button or timer
Displays: Elapsed time indicator, energy monitor, digital wattmeter
Power Outlet Control: Variable
Dimensions (L x W x H"): 12 1⁄2 x 9 3⁄4 x 3 1⁄2"

Item Attribute Description Power- V, Hz Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Processor w/ Timer and Pulser 117; 50/60 Each
In Stock
Processor w/ Timer and Pulser 220; 50/60 Each
In Stock
Processor w/ Pulser 220; 50/60 Each
In Stock
Processor w/ Pulser 117; 50/60 Each
In Stock

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