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UltraJaws Swivel Clamps

The patented UltraJaws Swivel Clamps are multi-purpose precision clamps crafted from the finest quality designs. The innovative closed yoke construction minimizes contamination and corrosion of internal components. A unique shape provides secure gripping and positioning with added benefits like strength and durability. UltraJaws multi-purpose clamps are offered in a variety of designs. They come in many different sizes to accommodate every requirement. 

Jaw openings, extension lengths and weight capacity vary according to size. UltraJaws are available in both single and dual prong adjustments to meet any laboratory needs. Single adjust clamps require limited space or limited adjustment. The single adjust clamp enables one prong to be adjusted easily while the second prong remains stationary.

Dual adjust clamps offer a much wider range of modification than the single adjust. In addition, they provide increased flexibility. The medium and large double adjust clamps come equipped with large thumbscrews for easier prong adjustment. Prongs open gradually for precision prong adjustment. Both designs reduce the likelihood of breakage by offering precise pressure regulation for glassware surface gripping.

UltraJaws clamps are equipped with non-slip vinyl covers as well as additional fiberglass prong covers. Covers can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement purposes. Fiberglass prong covers are recommended for temperatures above 212°F (100°C). The prong height of the UltraJaws multi-purpose clamps makes them an ideal solution for holding and securing glassware with precision ground glass joints. UltraJaws clamps contain extension rods for simple attachment to laboratory lattice frames and other apparatus. Additional holders are available.

Key Features

    Innovative closed yoke construction minimizes contamination.
  • A unique shape offers secure gripping and positioning.
  • The clamps are offered in a variety of designs and sizes.
  • They are available in single and dual prong adjustments.

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13.8cm 8.0cm Each
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14.3cm 5.8cm Each
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