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Traceable® Logger-Trac™ Temperature Datalogger

The Traceable Logger-Trac Dataloggers are perfect for monitoring material during storage, handling and transportation. The active LCD allows cumulative duration of monitoring from user-selected MIN/MAX values to be viewed immediately and downloaded if needed.

The alarm tally feature is incremented when readings go outside acceptable parameters during the recording interval. Once an alarm condition has occurred, Alarm Tally, "ALARM" notification appears, cumulative alarm time. If too many Alarm events occur within pre-set parameters, "QUARANTINE"will appears on the display.

Choose from 2 versions- Temperature or RH/Temperature

Temperature Datalogger is perfect for monitoring material during storage, handling, and transportation. The datalogger will show current, MIN/MAX temperatures, recording status, run time, alarm (excursion) cumulative time, quarantine status, and alarm tally. Storage capacity of 7,680 readings. 

The RH/Temperature Datalogger is a mobile unit that travels with shipments to track the Relative Humidity and Temperature. User selectable humidity/temperature parameters (high and low values) in 1% or 1° increments with intervals set based on number of desired days to log (from 4 hours to 365 days) or the desired time interval (from every 2 seconds to every 24 hours); data will not be overwritten. Displayed during recording: current RH & temperature, MIN/MAX temperature achieved, cumulative running time. Storage capacity of 30,720 readings.

Key Features

  • Displays cumulative alarm duration from user selected Minimum/Maximum values
  • Reusable/Re-programmable
  • Perfect for monitoring material during transporation
  • Integrates with MaxiThermal Software (required) for complete data analysis (sold separately)
Item Capacity Model Range Resolution Unit of Measure Price Purchase
7;680 Readings Temperature ­-35.0 to 50.0°C 0.1°C Each
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30;720 Readings RH/Temperature ­-29.0 to 72.0°C; 0 to 100% RH 0.1°C; 0.1%RH Each
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