Three Channel Alarm Timers

The Daigger Three Channel Alarm Timers is a user-friendly clock that adheres to the company’s product line of ISO 17025 calibration laboratory equipment accredited by the A2LA. Control Company designs and manufactures scientific instruments that are necessary in the industrial, education, biomedical, and other research markets.

As shown in the picture, this user-friendly clock and stopwatch is multifunctional and can be used to run up to three tests simultaneously, regardless of start time. This is a good feature for the user to track cooling, heating, and incubation time spans. An alarm sounds with a TIME’S UP message prompt. With a quartz-crystal accuracy of 0.001% and memory recall for multiple pre-programmed channels, the user can multitask without worrying about mistakes or inconsistencies s among samples.

Key Features

  • Functions as a stopwatch and a clock
  • Can run up to three channels at the same time
  • Adjustable alarm volume and duration for given environment
  • Reflects NIST accreditations and standards.
  • 1 year of continuous battery life.

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