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Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Locator Cryobiological Storage System

Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Locator Cryobiological Storage System feature stainless steel racks that fit snugly against the wall of vessel so units can hold multiple racks. Protect delicate samples from damaging heat. Handles rest in numbered slots for easy identification and retrieval. Heavy gauge aluminum, double-walled vacuum-insulted construction with narrow mouth neck for minimal nitrogen loss. The advanced vacuum insulation assures that all samples are stored below -190°C, even when less than 2” (5cm) of liquid nitrogen remains in the container.

Key Features

  • 3 sizes to fit each lab's needs
  • Secure locking clasp prevents unauthorized access
  • Includes stainless steel racks to house Nalgene Cryoboxes for 2 mL freezing vials

Specifications for Thermolyne® Locator Cryobiological Storage System
Catalog Number: EF6801 EF6854A EF6854B
Description: Locator Jr.® Locator 4® Locator 8®
Working Volume (L): 51 111 111
Avg. Static LN2 Consumption (L/day): 0.85 0.99 0.60
No. of Racks Included: 4 4 8
Cryogenics Boxes Held: 16 36 72
Box L x W x H": 5.25 x 5.25 x 2 5.25 x 5.25 x 2 3 x 3 x 2
Max Vials Held: 1600 3600 1800
Static Holding Time: 60 days 112 days 185 days
Vessel H x Dia": 29 x 22 37.5 x 22 38.3 x 22
Shpg Wt: 90 lb 115 lb 117 lb

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Locator Jr 6 w/ level monitor Each
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Locator Jr w/ level monitor Each
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Locator Jr 8 w/ level monitor Each
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Locator Jr 4 w/ level monitor Each
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Locator Jr Each
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Locator 8 Each
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Locator 4 Each
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