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Thermo Scientific SoftCIDE and SoftGUARD Handwash & Hand Cream

The Erie Scientific SoftCIDE Handwash and SoftGUARD Hand Cream are gentle, effective hand-care products are excellent even for personnel who wash multiple times a day. Choose from two formulations:

SoftCIDE soap with 1% chloroxylenol (PCMX) is effective against bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Its unique formulation contains emollients that help replenish the natural oils of the skin. It is unscented; non-irritating; pH-balanced and extra mild.

SoftGUARD cream relieves chapping and irritation caused by latex gloves. It’s absorbed quickly and is non-greasy and unscented. The formulation contains an extra-strength antimicrobial preservative to prevent cross-contamination. The cream is compatible with latex, nitrile, vinyl, PCMX, CHG, and antimicrobial soap. Petroleum and mineral oil free.

Key Features

  • Nongreasy, unscented
  • Effective against bacterial while gentle to the skin
  • Compatible with most typical laboratory materials

Item Size Type Unit of Measure Price Purchase
32 oz Bottle SoftCIDE® Soap Each
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1 gallon Refill Bottle SoftCIDE® Soap Case of 4
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