Thermo Scientific Smart2Pure Tap to Type 1 High-Volume Water Purification Systems

Thermo Scientific Smart2Pure systems are the choice for busy laboratories with diverse water needs. The systems include two integrated modules: one for pretreatment and reverse osmotic purification of tap water, and one with a polishing cartridge (plus UV/UF if desired). The result is both Type 2 and Type 1 water to support a comprehensive range of lab tasks, from filling equipment and washing glassware to supporting sensitive research protocols.

All systems dispense via a variable speed control. Systems are available with dual 185/254 nm wavelength UV lamps to ensure low TOC levels, and with an ultrafilter to remove endotoxins and/or nucleases. Choose a combination UV/UF system for water free of virtually all impurities, including RNase/DNase and DNA. A backlit 4-line display tilts for easy viewing.

For moderate volume water needs, choose a Smart2Pure System 3 or System 6. These systems include an integrated 6 L internal tank with vent filter that features a conical bottom for complete draining and efficient disinfection.

For maximum water output, choose the Smart2Pure System 12. These systems are available with either a 30 or 60 L Type 2 water reservoir tank. Tanks are polyethylene and opaque to light and have a large opening for hand cleaning. A sterile venting filter, recirculation pump, and reservoir overflow protect against microbial contamination. An optional UV lamp can be added to the tank.

Systems include password protection and an RS232 port for GMP traceability.  A real-time clock and code-protected operating system prevent unauthorized changes to system settings. Systems can be wall-mounted to conserve space. All systems are supplied with an RO/pretreatment cartridge, an ultrapure polisher cartridge, a sterile 0.2 µm filter, a pressure regulator and UV lamp/UF filter if desired.

Key Features:

  • Dual-water systems output of 3, 6, or 12 L/hr. of Type 2 water; 1 L/hr. Type 1 water
  • Separate RO and DI cartridges – replace only the cartridge that’s needed
  • Support the entire range of laboratory applications
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor; 2-year warranty for UV lamp and ultrafilter (applicable models)

Specifications for Smart2Pure Tap to Type 1 High-Volume Water Purification Systems
Feed Water Source: Potable tap water
Feed Water Conductivity: <5 µS/cm
Flow Rate: 1 L/min.
Operating Pressure: 1.4 to 87 psi (0.1 to 6 bar)
Resistance @ 25°C: 18.2MW x cm
Bacterial Content: <1 CFU/mL
Particles > 0.2µM/mL: <1
TOC 5 to 10 ppb for standard/UF systems; 1 to 5 ppb for UV and combo UV/UF systems
Feed Water Connection: 1/4" O.D.
Dimensions (DxWxH) 12" x 15.7" x 21.5" (305 x 400 x 545 mm)
Power Requirements: 90-240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.06 kW

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Smart2Pure 3 UV/UF Each
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Smart2Pure 12 UV/UF Each
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Smart2Pure 12 UV Each
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Smart2Pure 6 UV/UF Each
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Smart2Pure 6 UV Each
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Smart2Pure 3 UV Each
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