Thermo Scientific Orion Star T930 Ion Titrator

The Thermo Scientific Orion Star T930 ion titrators are designed to increase laboratory productivity by automating titrations. This core electrochemistry technology is integrated with a state-of-the art reagent dispensing system to create modern, simplified automated titrators designed to make performing titrations easier, more reliable, and more reproducible. Use the titrator for dedicated ion concentration titrations with multiple known additions (MKA) testing including: chloride/salt in food products, calcium in juice and milk, total hardness of drinking water and wastewater, ammonia and Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) of wastewater, Surfactants in consumer products.

Titration techniques include equivalence point titrations and preset mV endpoint titrations plus multiple known addition (MKA) mode. Using MKA mode, the titrator performs an automated calibration and calculation of sample concentration by adding aliquots of standard to sample, removing the need for a separate calibration and minimizing matrix effects.

Key Features

  • Offer easy-to-use navigation from setup to live titration analysis to data transfer
  • Showcase titrations, onscreen instruction and help menus on a large color graphic touchscreen display
  • Create and save up to ten user-defined methods
  • Save up to 100 titration data sets with date/time stamp
  • Facilitate data transfer to printer, computer, or USB drive
  • Automating the titration workflow enables analysis to be run using the same setup parameters and calculations every time
  • Setup and save electrode, titrant, and titration parameters once using methods
  • Start the titration, and let the instrument run unattended
  • View results live, in the summary table and within the 100-point data log
  • Tested and validated preprogrammed methods can be easily loaded onto your titrator via USB flash drive

Item Includes Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
9780SC silver billet electrode; 91CBNC elecrode cable; plus everything in EF25388 Orion Star T930 Ion Titrator Chloride/Salt Kit Each
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20 mL Burette; stirrer probe; dispenser probe; standard tubing kit; 1L plastic bottle; GL38 bottle cap w/ drying tube; computer Orion Star T930 Ion Titrator Each
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