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Thermo Scientific Orion Star T920 Redox Titrator

The Thermo Scientific Orion Star T920 Redox Titrators are designed to increase your laboratory productivity by automatic titrations. The core electrochemistry technology is integrated with a state-of-the-art reagent dispensing system to create modern, simplified automated titrators designed to make performing titrations easier, more reliable, and more reproducible than manual titrations.

This compact titrator is designed to offer easy-to-use navigation from setup to live titration analysis to data transfer. Each titrator can create and save up to 10 user-defined methods and up to 100 titration data sets with date/time stamp, and facilitate data transfer to printer, computer, or USB drive.

The Orion Star T920 redox titrator is ideal for Sulfite/SO2 in juice and wine, reducing sugar in juice and wine, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in food products, peroxide value in food products, and organic matter in soil.

Key Features

  • Titrator connection shave clearly labeled functions, including three USB ports for printer, USB flash drive, and computer software connections
  • Minimize downtime with easy-to-install and easy-to-replace burettes, tubing, dispenser, and additional high-wear components
  • Electrode holder provide secure, smooth electrode movement throughout the measuring process
  • Bottle holder helps secure titrant to prevent spills and can be easily disconnected form the titrator for flexible placement on the lab bench
  • Color-coded tubing and connectors simplify tubing installation and maintenance
  • Stirrer probe provides consistent sample mixing, helps prevent damage to electrodes and is easy to rinse between samples
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Orion Star T920 redox titrator kit Each
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Orion Star T920 redox titrator Each
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