Thermo Scientific Orion AQUAfast COD Colorimeter

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AQUAfast AQ3140 COD Colorimeter
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The Thermo Scientific Orion AQUAfast COD Colorimeter is a single parameter instrument for determining chemical oxygen demand in water. This colorimeter is designed to give accurate, reproducible results by offering features such as large digital backlit display, automatic switch-off, user friendly keypad, real time clock and date, calibration mode, storage function , and water proof sample chamber.

Includes: Colorimeter with field case, batteries, and literature

Key Features:

  • Large digital backlit display
  • Automatic switch-off
  • User-friendly keypad
  • Real-time clock and date
  • Calibration mode
  • Storage function
  • Waterproof sample chamber
  • Angled, ergonomic design for easy bench top or hand-held use
  • 2-Year warranty