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Thermo Scientific E-C Apparatus Minicell Power Supply

The Thermo Scientific  E-C Apparatus Minicell Power Supply is compact and easy to use. This power supply is designed as an economical power supply for submarine gel electrophoresis. The easy-to-operate unit features one adjustment knob and one hi-lo range switch control the output, which is variable in 10 volt increments from 20 to 250 volts. A two-position switch toggles the LED display between current and voltage. Interlock safety sensors shut down the power if no load is detected. The Minicell is also equipped with an over current detector.

Key Features

•Minicell is compact and simple to use.
•It features one adjustment know and a high-low switch.
•It also has safety sensors to shut down power.

Specifications for Thermo Scientific E-C Apparatus Minicell Power Supply
Output Voltage: Low Range: 20-130" in 10 V steps
High Range: 149-250 in 10 V steps
Maximum Current: 300 mA at 150-250 V
500 mA below 150 V
Dimensions: 8W x 4 1/2H x 6D”
Net Weight: 6 lb

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Power Supply Minicell 120V Each
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