Thermo Fisher Scientific Megafuge ST4F/ST4RF Plus Centrifuges

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Megafuge ST4/ST4R Plus Centrifuges feature a high contract user interface for up to 6 saved programs with simple push-button operation for routine applications. With capacity up to 4L, including 196x5/7 mL blood tubes and 40x50mL conical tubes, AutoLock for fast rotor exchange, and 11 rotors to choose from.

Auto-Lock™ Rotor System is a secure locking system allowing easy push-button installation and exchange of rotors. The system saves time when switching between applications. Easy access to rotor chamber offers quick cleaning, a healthier working environment and longer unit life. The ClickSeal™ Bucket Sealing System biocontainment solution seals with a snap, eliminating screw caps and complicated clips. System has glove-friendly, one-handed open/close compatibility.

Includes: Printed English user manual, USB stick with 28 languages of user manual, corrosion resistance oil (70009824), power cord, declaration of conformity.

Key Features

  • Max Speed 5300 RPM with BIOShield 1000A Rotor; 15,200 RPM with F21-48x2, Microliter 48x2 or Microliter 30x2 rotor
  • Advanced SMARTSpin™ technology allows easy push-botton installation and exchange of rotors, saving time when switching between applications
  • Easy access to rotor chamber offers quick cleaning, a healthier working environment, and longer unit life
  • ClickSeal™ Biocontainment Lids provide sealing options for glove-friendly, one-handed open/close capability that are ergonomically designed for both right and left-handed operations

Specifications for Thermo Fisher Scientific Megafuge ST4/ST4R Plus Centrifuges
ST4 Plus ST4R Plus
Control System Microprocessor
Drive System Direct, Brushless induction low profile motor
Accel/Decel Profiles Choices of 9 Accel/10 Decel Rates
Material Front, Top, Sides: PC-ABS plastic painted with 2K PUR-based lacquer;
Metal Housing: cold rolled steel with powder paint;
.Centrifuge Bowl: stainless steel; Centrifuge Feet: rubber
Safety Features SMARTSpin Imbalance detection, finger-pinch prevention,
crash-proof construction
Warranty 5-Year Limited
(2-years standard warranty + 3 additional years on motor and refrigeration)
Temperature Range N/A -10°C to +40°C
Number of Compatible Rotors 12
Display Push botton and high contrast LCD interface
Run Time max 9h, 59min; also with continuous and pulse modes
Timer Count down only
Program Storage up to 6 run programs
Programmability via 6 direct access buttons
Ext. WxDxH 22.3" x 27.2" x 54.1"
Open Cover Height 54.1"
Footprint Dimensions 22.3" x 23.1" 22.3" x 23.0"
Net Weight 335lbs 319lbs
Certifications EN/UL/IEC 61010-1, EN/UL/IEC 61010-2-020 and 61010-2-101,
EN/UL/IEC 61326-1, EN/UL/IEC 61326-2-6, FCC part 15
Standards ISO 14971, ISO 13485, ISO 9001
Swinging Bucket   Rotors
Max Capacity 4x1000 mL with TX-1000 Rotor
Max Speed 5300 rpm with BIOShield 1000A Rotor
Max RCF 5590 x g with BIOShield 1000A Rotor
Fixed Angle Rotors
Max Capacity 6x100 mL with F15 6x100 or F10-6 x 100 rotor
Max Speed 15200 rpm with F21-48x2, Microliter 48x2 or Microliter 30x2
Max RCF 25830 x g with Microliter 30x2
Item Model Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Megafuge ST4F Plus Centrifuge Each
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Megafuge ST4RF Plus Refrigerated Centrifuge Each
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