ThermalSeal Adhesive Sealing Film

ThermalSeal Adhesive Sealing Film is an adhesive sealing film. Well-to-well contamination, spill over, and sample evaporation are reduced. They come in packages of 100. The films are not pierceable with pipets or robotic probes.

ThermalSeal Sealing Film is a heat-resistant polypropylene sealing film with two end tabs for thermal cycling applications.

ThermalSeal RT Sealing Film is an economical polyester film with high optical clarity and low autofluorescence suitable for real-time qPCR analyses.

These films feature a smooth adhesive, which is non-absorbing and non-fluorescing. Each sealing film is 79.4 x 135.1 mm. These dimensions ensure the sealing film has sufficient coverage for most PCR plates.

Key Features

  • Reduces well-to-well contamination
  • Is certified DNase free
  • RT-PCR ThermalSeal™ is optically transparent

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ThermalSeal RT Sealing Films Pack of 100
In Stock
ThermalSeal Sealing Films Pack of 100
In Stock

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