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Texas Instruments-30X IIS Solar Scientific Calculator

The Texas Instruments-30X IIS Solar Scientific Calculator performs a multitude of basic and advanced functions. Fractions can be entered the traditional way. The device also performs trigonometric functions, along with logs, roots, powers, reciprocals and factorials.

The TI-30X IIB is battery operated and the TI-30X IIS is solar powered. They include an 11-digit scrollable entry line, with 10-digit answer and 2-digit exponent. They have two-variable statistics. The screen can be scrolled and edited in four directions. 

There are also polar and rectangular coordinates and degrees, minutes and seconds. Calculators feature combinations and permutations along with five memories.

Single variable statistical functions include results for mean and standard deviation. Accuracy is optimum even under low light conditions. A slide case is included.

Key Features

  • Solar powered
  • Handles fractions
  • Variable statistical functions
  • Equation recall

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