VEE GEE Scientific VanGuard 1100SP Series Stereo Microscopes

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VEE GEE Scientific VanGuard® 1100SP Series Stereo Microscopes feature models with 4-different dual-magnification configurations. The precision stereo optics produce high-resolution, three-dimensional images.

Optional eyepieces are available to customize any model for specific magnification requirements.

Key Features

  • Introductory Level
  • Dual-Magnification
  • Precision Optics
Specifications for VEE GEE Scientific VanGuard 1100SP Series Stereo Microscopes
  1122SP 1123SP 1124SP 1125SP
Viewing Head Binocular
Head Rotation 360°
Head Inclination 45°
Interpupillary Adjustment 51 - 77mm
Dioptric Adjustment -5 to +5
Eyepiece Magnification 10X Widefield
Eyepiece Field Diameter 20 mm
Optional Eyepieces 15X (Field Diameter: 15mm)
20X (Field Diameter: 15mm)
Stereo Objectives 1X & 2X 1X & 3X 2X & 4X 1X & 4X
Optional Supplementary Lenses 0.5X, 0.75X, 1.0X, 1.5X, & 2.0X
Working Distance 102 mm
Stage Plate Black/White Reversible
Stage Clips Stainless Steel, Spring-Loaded, Locked-On
Focusing Movement
Dual Knobs, Rack & Pinion Assembly, Tension Control; 
Slip-Clutch Mechanism
Vertical Travel 65 mm
Vertical Clearance 65 mm to 175 mm
Upper Illumination None
Lower Illumination None
Base Dimensions 230 mm x 150 mm
Overall Dimensions 230L x 150W x 390H mm
Weight 2.9 kg
Supplied With Eyecup (2), Dust Cover, Operation Manual
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Binocular WideField - 1X & 2X
  • $383.95
Binocular WideField - 1X & 3X
  • $383.95
Binocular WideField - 2X & 4X
  • $383.95
Binocular WideField - 1X & 4X
  • $383.95
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