Squat Form Polypropylene Cylinder

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4 Liter PP Cylinder; Squat Form
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The Squat Form 4L Polypropylene Cylinder has a low form design for added stability on the benchtop. The cylinder is calibrated both "to contain" and "to deliver" in bright blue print. Subdivision lines are every 50 mL, with total volume printed every 500 mL.  The base unscrews for easy cleaning and storage.

Cylinder complies with ISO 6706 and FDA 21.CRF:177.1520 and is suitable for food and beverage testing/use. Cylinder can be autoclaved, but repeated autoclaving may affect accuracy. Height with base: 12 1/2".

Key Features

  • For measuring large volumes, mixing solutions, or making buffers
  • Lightweight, even when filled