Specific Gravity Hydrometers

Specific Gravity Hydrometers are manufactured to reflect specifications approved by NIST, ASTM/API and IRS, and are calibrated against standards traceable to NIST. All models receive a certificate to ensure quality.

These hydrometers measure specific gravity for liquids heavier than water. 300 mm in length.

Easy to use! Basically, just

  1. Pour a portion of a sample into a smooth, clear cylinder or jar
  2. Mix the sample thoroughly
  3. Immerse the hydrometer in the liquid to a position slightly below the place where it naturally floats
  4. Review and measure the temperature of the sample (Correction tables can help to adjust readings if the sample temperature is not equal to the temperature standard of the hydrometer)
  5. Take your reading at the point where the surface of the liquid crosses the hydrometer

Key Features

  • Models for four ranges of specific gravity of liquids heavier than water
  • NIST, ASTM/API and IRS approved hydrometers

Item Divisions Specific Gravity Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
0.002 1.800 to 2.000 Each
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0.005 1.000 to 1.600 Each
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0.002 1.600 to 1.820 Each
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0.002 1.200 to 1.420 Each
2 In Stock 2 In Stock
0.005 1.500 to 2.000 Each
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