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SOCOREX Qualitix Premium Micropipette Tips, Tipfill System

SOCOREX Qualitix Premium Micropipette Tips, tipfill™ System are intended for easy rack loading. A practical and economical solution for any laboratory, limiting work interruption to a minimum. Each 96-tip insert is instantly transferred into an empty rack without risk of contamination. The transfer cover keeps tips clean and prevents wobbling during refilling. All Qualitix Pipette Tips offer accurate liquid delivery, fitting not only Socorex® but all major micropipette brands. All Qualitix including sterile models, with exception of filter tips, can be autoclaved at 121°C/250°F for 20 minutes.

Key Features

  • Superior quality, autoclavable
  • Lot by lot consistency
  • Certified free of nuclease, endotoxin, and ATP
  • Refill packs for easy rack loading
  • Broad compatibility with major micropipette brands
Item Product Description Volume Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Tipfill Refill System 10µL Case of 1248
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Tipfill Refill System 200 µL Case of 960
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Empty Rack 200 µL Case of 10
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Tipfill Refill System 1000µL Case of 480
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Empty Rack 1000µL Case of 6
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