smartSpatulas Disposable Spatulas

smartSpatulas Disposable Spatulas are the perfect all-in-one, lab tools for chemical and biological material transfer, collection, and manipulation. Made from polypropylene, they are resistant to dilute acids and bases and shatter resistant after liquid nitrogen freezing. 

smartSpatulas have double-sided scooping ends for added flexibility. The spoon end, when inverted, readily forms to an object to scrape or collect samples. The pick end of the macro spatula can be used to break up salts in large chemical containers.

Choose from three sizes:

  • Standard size smartSpatulas® have a spoon at one end that fits into a 15 mL tube; its scoop end fits into a 1.5 mL tube.
  • Macro smartSpatulas® EF22104C fits into a 50 mL tube.
  • Micro smartSpatulas® EF22104D fits into a 0.2 mL tube. It also includes an antistatic coating to ensure release of all sample particles.

Spatulas are autoclavable for sterile applications; EF22104E is supplied gamma irradiated and packed 10 per sterile pouch, 100 per sterile pack. Spatulas comply with FDA regulations for food contact.

Key Features

  • Use as samplers, scoops, spoons, spatulas, stirring rods, policemen and more
  • Double-sided, single use

Item Attribute Description LxDia- mm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Standard-Sized Spatula; Opaque 210 X 7 Pack of 300
In Stock
Sterile Standard; Opaque 210 X 7 Pack of 100
1 In Stock 1 In Stock
Standard-Sized Spatula; Blue 210 X 7 Pack of 300
In Stock
Std. EtO Sterile 210 x 70 Pack of 100
In Stock
Macro-Sized Spatula; Green 310 x 13 Pack of 150
2 In Stock 2 In Stock
Micro-Sized Antistatic Spatula; Opaque 140 x 3.5 Pack of 300
3 In Stock 3 In Stock

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