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Slide Moat Microscope Slide Incubator

The Boekel Slide Moat Microscope Slide Incubator can be used for in situ hybridization, slide warming or drying, FISH, or general immune-histo-chemistry applications. A PID controller provides rapid heat-up and excellent stability. A gasketed air-tight glass lid seals in moisture to prevent dry-outs—only a few drops of water are required to maintain a saturated atmosphere for overnight incubations.

The unit accommodates up to thirty 1" x 3" microscope slides. Covered and sealed slides are recommended for higher temperature (>37 ºC) or prolonged period (> 1 hour) incubations.

Key Features

  • Capacity for 30 standard microscope slides
  • Tempered glass lid allows observation of slides during processing
  • 2-year warranty

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