Slice Ceramic Scalpels

Slice® Non-Surgical Sscalpels come in two options: a replaceable-blade scalpel and a gamma-sterilized, individually wrapped disposable scalpel. Both versions offer chemically inert, non-sparking, non-magnetic advanced ceramic blades. Slice blades feature a proprietary manufacturing technology that results in finger-friendly® edges that are safe to touch and last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. Each scalpel is lightweight and balanced for precise control. The 10568 Replaceable-Blade scalpel is compatible with a number of Slice safety blades, including chisels, pointed-tip blades, corner-stripping blades, and seam-ripper blades, as well as standard craft blade shapes.

Key Features

  • Non-surgical scalpels with ergonomic handles designed for balance, grip, and ease of use
  • Finger-friendly® blades are safe to the touch and last up to 11 times longer than metal blades
  • All blades are chemically inert, non-sparking, non-magnetic, and extremely wear resistant
  • Available with replaceable blades or as disposable gamma-sterilized scalpels
  • Ideal for detailed, intricate cuts of a wide variety of materials including paper, felt, flexible plastics, balsa wood, and vinyl sheeting
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