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Slice Ceramic Precision Knives

Precision is now safer with Slice® finger-friendly® blades and a line of well-crafted tools for detailed cutting. All Slice blades are chemically inert, non-magnetic, and non-sparking, and feature no oil coating or contaminants. Cut a variety of media, from flexible plastics to felts, fabrics, and paper with confidence. All handles are designed with ergonomics in mind and can be used left-handed or right-handed. Slice's advanced ceramic blades cut effectively and last up to 11 times longer than dangerous metal blades. Unlike traditional ceramic blades, Slice blades feature a unique double-angle grind that's safe to the touch.

This Precision Knife’s unique handle offers an innovative finger grip that give the user precise control for detailed cuts and intricate shapes. It’s non-slip inner ring coating and cross-hatched grip ensures that the tool responds to every move, while the safety cap protects against accidents between uses. This lightweight cutter ships with Slice 10518 straight-edge, rounded tip ceramic crat blade. Compatible blades: 10518, 10519, 10520, 10532.

The Slice Craft Knife is ideal for precision cutting, scraping, and handling. With a textured grip for superior control, this precision knife allows the user to make accurate, delicate cuts. Its ambidextrous non-roll design is weighted for balance and stability. Includes 10518 straight-edge, rounded-tip blade. Compatible blades: 10518, 10519, 10520, 10532, 10534, 10535, 10536, 10537.

The Craft Knife (Safety Cap) includes the same blade as the standard Craft Knife, but also features an innovative safety cap. To ensure the protective covering is never lost, it’s part of the handle design. To expose the blade, simply twist the cap to unlock it, slide it down the handle, and twist it again to keep it out of the way during work. Compatible blades: 10518, 10519, 10520, 10532, 10534, 10535, 10536.

This Safety Cutter is one of Slice’s first tools and still remains the most popular. Its micro-ceramic blade cuts thin materials effectively while safeguarding fingers. Use the Safety Cutter’s lanyard hold and built-in magnet to keep the unique tool close at hand.

Key Features

  • Finger-friendly® blades are safe to the touch and last up to 11 times longer than metal blades
  • Precise control is yours with ergonomic, ambidextrous handles designed for balance and ease of use
  • All blades are chemically inert, non-sparking, non-magnetic, and extremely wear resistant
  • Ideal for detailed, intricate cuts of a wide variety of materials including paper, felt, flexible plastics, balsa wood, and vinyl sheeting
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