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Sartorius Sartolab BT Bottle Top Filters

Sartorius Sartolab® BT Bottle Top Filters are filtration funnels without a receiver flask, enabling customers to use their own receiver flasks and/or to expand the filtration capacity, depending on the particle load of the filtration liquid, by filling more than one receiver. Filters are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified plant and ISO Class 8 cleanroom to ensure the highest level of purity. All fluid path materials used in products are medical graded for highest quality, without any animal origin, are determined to be non-cytotoxic in accordance to ISO 10993, and meet the requirements for United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI Biological Test for Plastics, latest volume.

The Sartolab® BT bottle top filter is comprised of a graduated funnel with polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, a vacuum adapter and a lid, and tubing connector for vacuum connection (fur use as stand-alone).

The ergonomic design of the 150mL to 1L bottles (optional; sold separately) allow for easy gripping with one hand and are designed with a writing field on the back for clear labeling of samples. Engraved graduation on the funnels and the bottles ensures accuracy and the highest readability. The footprint of the bottles gives good stability for the unit during filtration.

Key Features

  • Separate funnels from receiver flask enables customers to use their own flasks
  • Highest flow rate with a large filtration area
  • No loss of protein with a low protein affinity membrane
  • Low hold-up volume due to an optimized membrane support
  • Can be used as stand-alone system or with Sartolab® Multistation, which allows parallel filtration of up to six (6) samples
  • 22µm PES filter (0.45µm option available for 1000mL filter)
  • Funnels and bottles (sold separately) are stackable to save space in the refrigerator and on the bench
  • Sold sterilized and guaranteed endotoxin-free
Item Product Description Capacity Funnel Size Membrane Pore Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Sartolab BT 150 150mL 150mL Asymmetric PES 0.22 µm Pack of 12
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Sartolab RF 250 250mL 250mL Asymmetric PES 0.22 µm Pack of 12
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Sartolab RF 500 500mL 500mL Asymmetric PES 0.22 µm Pack of 12
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Sartolab RF 1000 1000mL 1000mL Asymmetric PES 0.22 µm Pack of 12
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Sartolab BT 1000 1000mL 1000mL PES 0.45µm Pack of 12
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Sartolab Bottle 150mL Pack of 12
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Sartolab Bottle 250mL Pack of 12
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Sartolab Bottle 500mL Pack of 12
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Sartolab Bottle 1000mL Pack of 12
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