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Sartorius Microsart Manifold

Sartorius 3-Branch Microsart Manifold for Biosart 100 Monitors is ideal for beverage and environmental water testing. It minimizes the risk of cross-contamination by integrated venting and by touch-free inoculation, and includes filter base support with sinter frit, Biosart; adapter, blind coupling, 20cm tubing, and venting filter.

The ability to accurately detect and quantify microorganisms in liquid samples is of prime importance for any quality control laboratory. Membrane filtration is the established method of choice for liquid testing as it provides reliable and reproducible results. Suitable and thoughtful filtration equipment is at least as important as high-quality membrane filters and reliable media plates.


Microbiological quality control of liquid samples:

  • Beverages (beer, wine, soft drinks, bottled water)
  • Environmental water testing (water monitoring)
  • Pharmaceutical analysis (WFI, purified water, microbial limit testing of non-sterile products, bioburden testing)
  • Cosmetics

Key Features

  • 100% stainless steel for minimized cleaning effort – fully autoclavable without disassembly
  • Sterile venting in critical applications – reduced risk of secondary contamination
  • Quick connection adapters; fast connection of tubing and faster interconnection of two (2) manifolds
  • Low work height for ergonomic working in laminar flow

Specifications for Sartorius Microsart Manifold
Number of Branches3
Manifold and Base SupportsStainless Steel 316L (1.4404)
Dimensions474L × 120H × 98W in mm
Weight0,725 kg
Autoclaving conditions121°C for 30 minutes

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3-Branch Microsart Manifold for Biosart 100 Each
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