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Sartorius Microsart® @Filter Units

Sartorius Microsart® @Filter combines the benefits of membrane filtration with the advantages of a ready-to-use filtration unit. The sterile filtration unit consists of a funnel, membrane filter, and base support. It is simply put on a stainless-steel manifold in order to directly filter the sample. No decontamination of the stainless-steel base or pump adaptor before usage necessary. After the filtration the funnel is exceptionally easy to remove, thanks to its click-fit closure.

Microsart @Filter is available with a 100mL volume funnel. Graduation mark on these units allow accurate sample volumes. In addition, their optimized design and transparency permits thorough rinsing subsequent to filtration so no liquid is retained in the funnel.

Key Features

  • Fully single-use design and sterile packaging help prevent secondary contamination
  • Click-fit closure for effortless funnel removal
  • Reliable results as no liquid remains after filtration
  • Transparent funnel for easy monitoring of the filtration progress
Item Funnel Volume Membrane Type Packaging Pore Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
100mL No Grid, PVD White Individually Sterile Packaged, with lid 0.45µm Pack of 27
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100mL No Grid, PVDF White Packed on Trays, with Lid 0.45µm Pack of 24
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100mL No Grid, PVDF White Stacked and Packed in Bags 0.45µm Pack of 60
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