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Safety Coated Glass Bottles

The Safety Coated Glass Bottles are impact-resistant bottles reduce breakage, and slip-resistant coating improve handling. Bottles are fully autoclavable. Safety coated bottles feature a Plastisol coating to help contain breakage and reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals.

They are ideal for storing chemicals and field sampling. They are perfect for schools, field use, and research labs. Bottles are available in clear or amber. Amber glass bottles shield light-sensitive chemicals from exposure. Chemically-resistant PTFE resin lined caps are included.

Key Features

  • These bottles are impact resistant
  • They have slip resistant coating

Specifications for Qorpak® Safety Coated Glass Bottles
Style: Boston Round Bottle
Capacity/Volume: 8oz (240ml)
Size: 60 x 138mm
Color: Amber or clear
Material: Glass
Neck Finish: 24-400
Attached Cap: Green Thermoset F217 & PTFE Lined Cap
Treatment/Grade: Safety Coated
Item Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
480mL / 16oz Case of 12
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2400mL / 80oz Case of 6
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
240mL / 8oz Case of 24
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