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Rugged Laboratory Rotators

These Rugged Laboratory Rotators includes a heavy-duty motor-drive base and an adjustable, variable and cord-attached speed setting that varies from gentle to rapid agitation. A unique clamping device utilizes leverage to assure positive maintenance of selected motor position and permits positioning of the motor-- any point within a 110° arc. A thumbscrew easily allows multiple head replacements.

Other manufacturing features include a stable, compact base that is both durable and capable of handling substantial loads. The cord-attached speed control is helpful in that it avoids accidents that may occur when reaching behind the rotating loads. It also allows the rotator to be used inside constant temperature ovens and hoods while the control and electronics are in a safe environment.

Test tube rack heads, available below, hold a full rack of stoppered test tubes for rotating end-over-end. The racks are capable of holding bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks, or other stoppered containers. Head will hold racks 12" x 5" (30.5 X 12.7 cm), with tubes 75-200 mm in length. 

Other accessories available include:

  •  flask clamps ranging from 10 mL to 125 mL
  • a tissue culture tube head holding up to 108 mini tissue cultures that are
  • a twin disk test tube head that can hold a combination of test tubes, syringes, and 22 pieces of glassware each up to 25 mm in diameter or 44 pieces up to 16 mm.
  • Erlenmeyer flask head disk with 52 holes to accept flask clamps

Considered the World’s leading manufacturer of laboratory products and industrial heating and mixing technology, Glas-Col® offers various lab rotators that withstand continuous use on the bench for general mixing applications. As the number one selling rotator, the lab rotator can also be used for a variety of procedures and laboratory duties: embedding electron microscopy, tissue-culture specimens, blood cell suspensions, suspension preparation, washing of precipitates, disintegrating tablets, extracting, dissolving slow-reacting samples, testing biodegradable materials, homogenizing blood solids with plasma, and rotating closed containers for dialysis bags.

Key Features

  • Practical rotators for easy use in the lab and for various procedures, such as embedding electron microscopy, tissue-culture specimens, and blood cell suspensions
  • Sturdy base that is durable and capable of handling multiple samples
  • Includes a cord-attached speed control for various rotating needs


Data Description
Electrical Rating 1.5A 50/60Hz
Electrical On/Off Switch and Fuse Protected,
6 Foot 3 Wire Cord
Speed Control Variable
Size 10 1/8"W x 10 11/16"D x 9 12/16"H
Load Weight Capacity Max 5 lbs

Item Product Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Variable-Speed Rotator; 120V Each
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Tissue Culture Tube Head Each
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