Rotisserie Rotators

These FINEPCR Rotisserie Rotators have variable-speed and adjustable mixing angle rotisserie rotators can be operated continuously or using a timer from 0 to 180 minutes. 

Choose from rotisseries for centrifuge tubes, conical tubes, and bottles up to 80 mm in diameter; five different disks for 1.5 mL, 15 mL, and 50 mL conical tubes, and 250 mL flasks; and three different roller drums for up to 24 mm diameter tubes. Order rotisseries, rocking platform with ±7° tilt angle, disks with mount knobs, roller drums, and posts for connecting disks separately. 

Key Features

  • Variable speed and adjustable mixing angle, 0 to 90
  • Continuous or timed operation
  • A wide choice of accessories to be used, including conical tubes, bottles and 250ml flask

FINEPCR® Rotisserie Rotator Specifications
Angle range 0 ~ 90
Speed range 0 ~ 50rpm
Timer 180min
Temp.Resist Lower than 65 (Dry air)
Weight 8kg
Dimensions (mm) 502W x 236D x 246H
Wattage 35W

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