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Rockers and Waver Shakers

These Daigger Rockers and Waver Shakers shakers offer precise speed control; and low-speed rocking motion down to 1 rpm. Two independent LED displays show speed, tilt angle, and time; as well as elapsed time, programmed user-defined limit, count down to zero, and shuts off unit. For improved repeatability, on-board memory recalls last setting even when unit is turned off.

Adjustable rocking angle can be changed while unit is in operation. This product is designed for use in incubators, cold rooms and non-condensing environments. Large platform is ideal for holding staining trays, culture flasks, petri dishes, microtiter and multi-well plates.

The rocker is ideal fo cell culture work, hybridization procedures, hematology, and blotting techniques. The waver features a vertical and horizontal wave motion that is ideal for blood samples, DNA extractions, blotting techniques, and general mixing of various size tubes.

An audible alarm sounds when timer reaches zero. Both audible and visual alarms activate when system detects an overload, unbalanced condition, or obstruction of platform. Alarm has optional mute function that can be set on keypad. Spill-resistant design channels fluids away from internal components. The base is constructed of durable cast aluminum for extra stability.

Double-tier platforms easily attach 3 1⁄2" above lower tray for higher capacity applications. Dimpled mats hold centrifuge tubes, vials, culture tubes, and microtubes securely in place. These can be easily removed for cleaning and transporting tubes from bench to platform. Double-tier platform kits and dimpled mats can be ordered separately below.

Key Features

  • Electronic tilt adjustment
  • Large platform
  • Precise speed control
  • Low-speed rocking motion

Specifications for Daigger® Rocker and Waver Shakers
Timer: 1 sec to 9999 minutes
Platform Dimensions: 8 3/4W x 11 3/4D"
Overall Dimensions: 11W x 4H x 17D"
Shipping Weight: 16 lb

Item Item Max. Load Power- 50/60 Hz Speed Tilt Angle Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Waver Shaker 5 lb 120 V 1 to 30 rpm 0 to 20° Each
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