Pyrex Glass Drying Trays

PYREX® Glass Drying Trays are designed for general laboratory drying uses. Potential uses include: drying, staining, or developing. They are resistant to chemicals used in paper or gel electrophoresis and paper chromatography.

The trays are made from borosilicate glass. Users can autoclave the trays, providing a cleaner working surface. The trays can be ordered in three different sizes. All the trays can withstand hot air or steam. 

Users should avoid placing the trays over direct heat. They can be used in ovens.

Key Features

  • Trays are made with borosilicate glass
  • Features a heavy-duty rim
  • Can withstand hot air

Item Capacity LxWxH Unit of Measure Price Purchase
1500mL 272 x 179 x 50mm Each
2 In Stock 2 In Stock
1600mL 201 x 201 x 55mm Case of 4
In Stock
3500mL 349 x 249 x 60mm Case of 4
In Stock

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